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Sabtu, 30 Juni 2018

Reciprocal: the crowds aren't that bad

I just got new perspective about the crowds. New mindforcing things. And here it is:
The crowds aren't that bad
In earlier posts, I've written my thoughts on the crowds.

But, I've never said or executed any ideas which referred my mind to conclude 'the crowds' as a bad thing.

In fact —especially my understanding—, I often led those posts to reciprocal ideas between myself and the crowds.

The one which I think it's concluded to be 'bad' is the 'reciprocal' itself.

Not the crowds, neither myself.
If the crowds did good things,

The reciprocal will also be good.

If the crowds did bad things,

The reciprocal will also be bad.

And these ideas affect myself.
Did you get what I mean? Because I'm also confused of my own statement. It's confusing but at least, I got it.

A little note to everyone:
Not all of the crowds are bad.

Sometimes, be found the good one.

Sometimes, be found the bad one.

Sometimes, be found both in one.

It depends on your environment.
And of course poor me, because my environment isn't the good one. But at the same time, lucky me, because it is both in one.

In the end,
Your life is entirely up to you.

—Maudy Ayunda
Will you follow the good one?

Will you follow the bad one?

Will you follow both in one?

Or, will you follow your own 'reciprocal'?

It's entirely up to you.

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