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Rabu, 14 Februari 2018

Daydreaming #2: Stereotype

The door was just opened by a person whom everyone thinks that he's such a dumb boy. But, I don't think that he's so.

How can everyone decide that stereotype just as easy as the pencil tapping?

I mean hey, does that 'everyone' means the crowds? Like what I was thinking about in my last daydreaming.

When someone labelled a person as a dumb person, then the crowds are starting to label that person too. As easy as that? I mean, each of us is unique with our own talents. It's reminding me of one famous quotes, if you tell a fish to climb a tree and a monkey to swim the ocean, who's the dumb one?

If a person has been labelled by A, then that person did something out of that A, like B or C, then everyone will think that the person was cheating, wrong, or something that mentally make them unsure.

Is it human nature?

Sometimes we're all just lost trying to find the real us. The environment's circumstances are more affecting us than what our own mind did.

Stereotype sometimes isn't truly right. I think we can't just decide that a person is an A just because we all know that he did things like Z. Even if the stereotype tells us that if someone did things like Z, than that someone is dumb.

It's not as easy as that sentence, dude. Each humans have their own perspectives.

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