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Selasa, 13 Februari 2018

Daydreaming #1: The Crowds and Happiness

The light is getting dimmer. Tress act like they are looking at me. The whole crowd seems to like me, but they're not even living crowds. I mean, you know, they're trees.

But, somehow they're much better than the living one. Because I think, they have no hatred.
That's one of many reasons why I love trees.

Of course I know that trees are considered as living things, but in a situation like this one, I considered living things as things that can spread love, and have a feeling.

While the living one found it very easy to spread hatred. Doing what the crowds did. Like copying each other, affected by the crowds.

Funny how always these times are changing every millisecond.
I exactly know that environment does affect our complicated mindset and perspectives of ourselves. If it goes so, then how can I take over all of my mind parts? how can I do something good to make myself happier?

The pure 'happier' of me, I mean it's not for that kind of
"because the crowds are happy, then I'm happy."
I hope it's that kind of
"I'm happy because myself is happy. I don't care with what the crowds thought about my version of happiness."

Updated by July 15, 2018. I've just found an interesting book titled "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck" (—fyi, I read the Bahasa Indonesia translation version titled "Sebuah Seni untuk Bersikap Bodo Amat"). And while I was reading it, I found below quotation that can vivid my expression on this post:
“There is a premise that a lot of our assumptions and beliefs. The premise is that happiness is algorithmic, that it can be worked for and earned and achieved as if it were getting accepted to law school or building a really complicated Lego set. If I achieve X, then I can be happy. If I look like Y, then I can be happy. If I can be with a person like Z, then I can be happy.
This premise, though, is the problem. Happiness is not a solvable equation. Dissatisfaction and unease are inherent parts of human nature and, as we’ll see, necessary components to creating consistent happiness.” (Mark Manson, 2016, p. 26)
Well, thank you paper (—digital paper!) for listening to me, without ears.

photo courtesy of weheartit by d a h l i a
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